School Volunteers

District Requirements:

Prior to Volunteering at the School

  • Have your ID scanned through the Raptor system at the school.
  • Complete a volunteer application on the VIPS Count tracking system computer at the school.
  • Complete District Volunteer Training and Orientation. (Contact the School Volunteer Coordinator regarding the training.)

Volunteering at the School

Log your hours in the VIPS computer. This must be done every time you volunteer. Questions regarding your logged hours in VIPS should go to the school’s Volunteer Coordinator. If you need further assistance, please contact the District’s Volunteer Coordinator, Stacey Oak.

School Requirements

Step #1 - Please review the updated Orientation PowerPoint, Guidelines, and Code of Ethics.

School Volunteer Guidelines FY20
School Volunteer Orientation FY20
Code of Ethics FY20

Orientation Informational Videos:

Step #2 - Sign the Volunteer Acknowledgement and submit to Carole Frechette, the Principal's Secretary.
Volunteer Orientation Confirmation FY20